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I think you are one of the best Judges in Brevard. Fair to all. You can count on my vote! — Alice

A Judge with compassion, integrity, honesty, and knowledge of the law...and a friend of mine...She's got my vote-and should be YOUR vote as well! Exactly what Brevard County needs. There has been only positive feedback from all spectrums of the Judicial System! — Barbie

From the moment she donned the robe, I stood next to her for a year and a half. I assure you, regardless of who she runs against, she is worthy of our vote. She has all the respect of coworkers and defendants even as a fair and just Judge. — Bruce

Judge Ingram is to be commended for her tireless effort to uphold justice with grace and impartiality. We love you Judge Ingram!! — Cate

I've known Judge (Kelly) Ingram since she was a little kid. She is kind, fair, intelligent and one of the most tenacious persons I have had the pleasure of knowing. I urge everyone to get out and re-elect Judge Ingram! — Chuck

I've known this wonderful human for a long time. She's smart, balanced, fair, and driven to excellence! — Glenn

We have known Judge Ingram for many years and feel she has been great for Brevard County. Honest and willing to listen to all information given. We need to keep people like her working for the betterment of Brevard county. Please help me ensure we can re-elect our Judge. — Mark

One of the fairest Judges on the Bench. — Mary

I've had the pleasure of appearing in front of Judge Ingram many times. She is fair and takes serving the County seriously! — Tiffany

I support and endorse Judge Kelly Ingram for re-election as Brevard County Court Judge. — Phil Archer
State Attorney, 18th Judicial Circuit

Judge Ingram deserves and has earned another term as Brevard County Judge. She is well respected by both sides of the aisle. Judge Ingram is strict but fair and very experienced. She’s an excellent Judge. — Tony Hernandez III

Excellent legal skills and hard working. She should be retained because she knows the ropes. — William F Meyer
Susan Hodgers
Brianna Belton
John Callahan
Kim Cunningham
Lon & Cher Drake/Ruchotzke
Kyla Emmitt
Jessica Honeycutt
Matthew Hudson
Sandy Irvine
Jackson Kunkel
Ken Specha
Gregg Walker
Melissa Williamson

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